Avionics Displays

Astronautics Line of Displays

Astronautics Line of Displays

3ATI Display

  • Anti Glare, Anti Reflective display surface
  • 3 ATI display
  • RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) Display - 
  • Modern LCD based solution, including legacy CRT based RWR display replacement
  • SEI (Standby Engine Display)




4"x4" Smart MFCD

4”x4” Multi Function Display (F-16, F-5 and others)

4'' MFCD




5”x4” Smart Display

EICAS (Engine Indicator & Crew Alert System) 

MFCD (Multi Function Color Display) 



5"x4" MFCD                                                                       EICAS




8”x10” Touch Enhanced Display Unit

Digital Video Input (DVI), small footprint ( less than 1” depth), light weight display, with touch screen and pilot accessible USB port.






20” PIP (Picture In Picture) Display for Mission Systems


20” PIP (Picture In Picture) display 









Products of Astronautics Corporation of America

5”x5"/6”x6" MFCD

Smart (Dual Processor) or Video only

5'' MFCD






Products of Astronautics Corporation of America

6”x8” Display

6”x8” Smart Display

6"x8" EFI Trainer

6"x8" EFI Transports

6"x8" EFIS/EICAS System



EFI - Electronic Flight Instruments

EFIS - EFI System

EICAS - Engine Instrumentation & Crew Alert System



6”x8” Touch Display                  

6"x8" Touch Enhanced Display Unit