Cockpit Instruments

Electronic HSI/ADI (Smart-I)

  • Smart-I is a family of electronic instruments

  • Provides a modern solution to the legacy HSI & ADI.

  • Color LCD based, with internal processing that generate a dynamic, real-time updated display formats

  • The Smart-I instrument interfaces with the legacy or modern systems, converts the input signal into a digital format, and updates the display format accordingly.

  • As the Smart-I is software controlled, it is possible to provide with the same hardware different instruments functionality, and provide a replacement to almost any existing cockpit instrument. Using the same hardware, with software adaptations to the specific instrument better supports long-term maintenance and further decreases
Legacy Electro-Mechanical Instruments
Astronautics specializes in cockpit instruments such as Attitude Director Indicator (ADI) Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI), Bearing and Distance Heading Indicator (BDHI), Engine Performance Indicator (EPI), Angle Of Attack (AOA) Indicator etc.

Astronautics is offering cockpit instruments in a variety of types and sizes: 3", 4", 5" analog and digital for fixed and rotary wing platforms.

Astronautics Indicators are installed in a large variety of aircraft and helicopters worldwide, such as: F-5, Bell212, L-39, Bell214, Mirage III , F-15 , F-16 , Mig-21, UH-60A, F-111, MI-8, C-130, A-4, CH-53, MB-339, B-1B, A-6, F-5 and many others (altogether - over 200 types of fixed and rotary wing platforms).

The new generation of high reliability instruments (over 20,000 hours MTBF!) is currently the solution for customers that do not wish to upgrade to the electronic instruments.
Such program has been successfully conducted for USAF and the Israeli Air Force F-15's.