Introduction - Airborne Systems

Astronautics Corporation of America (Milwaukee Wi) supplies Integrated Avionics Systems, Electronic Flight Bags, Flight Instruments, High Resolution flat panel Displays, Mission and Display Computers, Network Server Systems, Flight Directors, Air Data computers, Airborne Server units, and Flap Control Systems for commercial and military aircraft.

Astronautics C.A. LTD. (Israel) supplies state-of-the-art airborne computers & displays, mission systems and modern IT solutions specially tailored to operate in military/civil airborne environment. Astronautics' main product lines include Tactical Mission Systems, Airborne Computers, Video/Data Multiplexers, Airborne Displays, Air Data Computers & Engine Data Concentrators.

Astronautics' products are in operational use onboard fixed and rotary wing platforms - tactical aircraft, fighters, transporters, trainers and helicopters. Astronautics' is offering modern avionics solutions, as well as information, video and paperless cockpit applications.

Airborne product lines:

Glass cockpit based avionics solutions

• Tactical mission systems

• Avionics Computers

• Avionics Display Solutions

• Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

• Digital Map

• Air Data Computer

• EICAS (Engine Instrument & Crew Alert System)

• Cockpit Instruments

• Airborne Mission Console