Embedded Cyber Security


Astronautics is focused on embedded cyber-security, protecting the platforms against cyber-attacks. We specialize in protecting the perimeter (computers, interfaces, operational networks onboard platforms (aircraft, ship, ground vehicle), as well as detecting cyber penetration by monitoring internal system buses activity and providing remediation solutions to prevent and block cyber activity effectivity on the protected operational platforms. Our solution packages are called CyberSmart®. Astronautics' CyberSmart® solutions are an integrated expertise, combining years of in-depth system engineering and avionics knowhow, and the up-to-date knowhow and techniques in the field of cyber security, utilizing machine learning (ML) and deep learning techniques. Astronautics specializes in taking the cyber security technology and techniques to the embedded world of avionics and military system, providing practical operational solutions for military & avionic systems.  

Astronautics is offering:

  1. Cyber risk analysis service – performing a complete risk-assessment of existing embedded systems, such as avionic systems, onboard operational networks, navigation systems, military combat land platoon networks and more. This service shall analyze all existing vulnerabilities, identify the major threat vectors and shall further recommend major cyber risks to existing systems and recommendation how to remedy and further protect the analyzed system against cyber threats & risks.   
  2. "Security By Design" for new systems and application in the aviation, naval and land vehicles for military and civil use
  3. Cyber-attacks detection & protection for embedded systems - anomalies detection and cyber protection for existing legacy systems, as well as embedded cyber detection & protection for newly designed systems.

Astronautics' embedded cyber solutions are using state-of-the-art machine-learning and deep-learning techniques, as well as unique, patented cyber-attack remediation solutions.  We are currently providing cyber solutions for systems with buses such as MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, ARINC-664, CanBus, communication links such as ACARS, ADS-B and more.

Astronautics' CyberSmart® solutions are provided in several formats:

  1. Cyber-Security Buffer – Hardware buffering of a network or specific interface, providing a clean & secured network or system protected by the cyber-buffer from the rest of the network, blocking any communication that is not white-listed in the system.
  2. Cyber-Security Agent – Hardware device that is monitoring bus or network traffic, as well as analyzing the electrical signature of any transmitting device over the network. The combined cyber-analysis of the electrical signature and bus traffic "behavior" provides bus traffic anomalies detection, indicating suspected cyber-attacks.
  3. Remediation against cyber-attacks – Astronautics is offering several remediation solutions – as a separate solution or integrated to our cyber-security buffers & agents.
  4. "Cyber Inside" Computers – Astronautics is implementing cyber detection and remediation solutions inside existing computer products, offering unique cyber-protected airborne and military embedded-computers for any new implementation. The I/O anomalies detection is integrated to our computers, allowing customers to acquire computing solutions that already integrate our advanced cyber protection solutions – A "Cyber-Inside" computers for modern system applications.

The following depicts Astronautics' multi-layer embedded cyber protection of systems

As depicted above, the multi-layer protection layers include the following:

  1. Secured access control on the outer layer
  2. Secured loading for any code/data loaded into the system
  3. The Cyber Agent core that detect internal cyber attacks penetration in three (3) dimensions: Electrical signal analysis and anomalies detection, ML (Machine Learning) internal bus/communication features anomalies detection and ML data features anomalies detection. The combined solution of the above-mentioned domains provides a strong system level anomalies detection, exposing any potential cyber-attack on the embedded system.


Astronautics Embedded Cyber Security - White Paper 

Cyber-Smart Analytics brochure Ver 0102.pdf

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