Astronautics C.A Ltd. Israel

Astronautics C.A. Ltd. Israel, established in 1971, is a Hi-Tech defense systems supplier, with an impressive record of innovative, high quality and battlefield proven products. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Astronautics Corporation of America.

The Company's major business are in the area of Airborne, Naval and Land defense systems and solutions.

The Company expertise, highly skilled manpower and the state-of-the-art technological infrastructure have placed the Company in a position to meet the complex demands of its customers, both in Israel and worldwide.

As a Multi-Disciplinary Hi-Tech company, Astronautics C.A. Ltd. has acquired unique expertise in a broad range of military technologies, such as: Navigation, Air Data sensors & processing, Advanced displays, military computers and more.

The Company is closely interacting with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and other Defense organizations worldwide.

Among Astronautics C.A. LTD's customers are some of the world leading Defense contractors and organizations, such as:

  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Airbus Military
  • BAE
  • Nexter
  • Rafael
  • IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries
  • Elisra
  • Israel Ministry Of Defense
  • HAL - India
  • NAL - India

Astronautics Corporation

Astronautics Corporation of America was established in 1959 and is a global leader in the design, development, manufacture, and integration of state-of-the-art equipment, electronics and systems for air, space, land, and sea applications.

More than 150,000 aircraft use Astronautics products and equipment.  Throughout the aerospace industry, Astronautics has become synonymous with quality products and reliability.

Astronautics’ main product lines include integrated avionics systems, navigation systems, electronic flight bags, flight instruments,  high resolution flat panel displays, mission and display computers, network server systems, flight directors, air data computers, airborne server units, and flap control systems. 

Astronautics Technology Center designs and develops cutting-edge magnetic refrigeration systems. 
Astronautics’ subsidiary, Kearfott Corporation, was founded in 1917 and acquired by Astronautics in 1988. 
Kearfott is a leading designer and manufacturer of inertial navigation systems and motion and control components for platforms used in air, space, land and sea.  Kearfott Corporation’s products literally encompass the universe.  In space, its products guide and navigate satellites, the space shuttle and strategic missiles. 

At sea, Kearfott products function on submarines, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and surface ships.  Kearfott products navigate and point for the armies of the world, in hostile environments, on wheeled and tracked vehicles and provide technical fire control for the most modern tanks and howitzers.  Kearfott products are on both manned and unmanned, fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Astronautics Corporation of America, the parent company, is located in Milwaukee (Wi) USA.