Artillery Fire Control System

Recognizing the severe operational restrictions placed on modern artillery by traditional survey and deployment methods, Astronautics has developed the Modular Artillery Fire Control System (MAFCS) to provide a highly adaptive solution for any artillery platform:


Self-Propelled guns,  Towed Artillery Guns, mortars and Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRS).
The MAFCS enables autonomous gun Navigation and Pointing and provides ballistic computation capabilities to enhance weapon operation.
The system ability to perform rapid changes of position, as well as its high responsiveness, enables the crew to Shoot and Scoot and thus gains the force-multiplier advantage which is essential to the modern battlefield.
The system meets modern MAFCS requirements, consists of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components, is in full-scale production and has been extensively tested and used by several armies.

The MAFCS consists of the following elements:

  • Vehicle Reference Unit (VRU)- Kearfott's MILNAV®, KN-4053, three-axis Monolithic Ring Laser Gyro (MRLG), (embedded GPS-optional)
  • Commander's Control and Display Unit & Tactical Computer (CDU&TC)
  • Gunner's Display Unit (GDU)
  • Muzzle Velocity Radar (MVR)
  • Vehicle Motion Sensor (VMS)


Main Components Description:

Vehicle Reference Unit (VRU)
The VRU is a fully integrated inertial navigation unit with an optional GPS receiver which may either be embedded or external (PLGR). The VRU is installed on the elevating mass of the Gun and provides a continuous high precision output of position and attitude of the weapon. The VRU performs all navigation, attitude, pointing and north finding functions with heading accuracy to better than 1 mil RMS and attitude accuracy to better than 0.5 mil RMS.

CDU&TC  and  GDU
The man-machine interface within the MAFCS is the Control Display Unit & Tactical Computer (CDU&TC). This unit is provided for use by the gun's Commander and a similar or smaller unit is provided to the gunner for aiming. The CDU&TC includes a powerful Pentium processor, which provides overall control, management and fire control computation within the system.
CDU&TC includes a high brightness back light, color liquid crystal display and a number of software-driven programmable keys to provide a state-of-the-art flexible multi-function device. The display has a wide-angle active viewing area and provides high resolution combined with high brightness for sunlight readability. The CDU&TC has 20 sealed buttons mounted on the front bezel around the screen for menu-driven operation.
CDU&TC performs all system level management and processing tasks within the MAFCS. The various functions can be defined as Commander MMI, overall system mode control and management (VRU, Gunner Display, Radio, MVR and other optional units), graphic display generation and the on-board technical fire control and ballistic computation. Each of these functions is designed with software modularity to allow a flexible and customized approach by the Gun User. Per customer request, 2 and/or 3 Dimensional (2-D/3-D) map layers can be incorporated to improve navigation and control.

Muzzle Velocity Radar (MVR)
The MAFCS is designed to accept inputs from a MVR to allow real time monitoring of the effect of gun wear and, in a predictive manner, to improve the ballistic computation. The MVR processing unit and antenna are housed in a single module located externally at the front of the cradle. The MVR measurements are integrated within the ballistic computation process, via a predictive algorithm, to improve the first-round effectiveness of the weapon and thus avoid the need for traditional calibration rounds.

Vehicle Motion Sensor (VMS)
The VMS provides a continuous independent measurement of wheel or track speed to the VRU during vehicle/gun movement for optimal system performance. The VMS is mounted within the engine or gear transmission compartment.


   M109 Howitzer

105mm Light Gun L118                                       155/52 APU SBT Howitzer

  105mm LG L118/L119 Towing Vehicle                  120mm Mobile Mortar 
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