Computerized Maritime Navigation (C-MAN)

During the last few years, it has been a growing need for highly accurate navigation systems. The Computerized Maritime Navigation (C-MAN) was developed due to the high accuracy requirement of combat systems and high accuracy position required from platforms with long distance sailing devoid of GPS. One such situation is underwater navigation.
Underwater navigation requires INS with high end capabilities. It should have high accuracy, update rate and stability. Above all, it should have autonomous capability.
Underwater navigation, especially for the submarines, requires independent navigation without any aids, which differs from above water surface navigation that can utilize GPS. With this requirement for high accuracy navigation, it becomes a challenge for companies to provide reliable navigation systems. Astronautics with its C-MAN system meets this challenge.
The C-MAN system is composed of the Inertial Navigation System, the Main Navigation Computer and the CDU. The C-MAN provides the ability to acquire, process and distribute the full range of inertial and navigational information, using a modular and cost-effective configuration.


The C-MAN consists of a Monolithic Ring Laser Gyro INS sensor - SEANAV with embedded GPS/DGPS receiver. The system is operated and controlled by Astronautics’ Main Navigation Computer (MNC), and with the computerized Control & Display Unit (CDU) integrated with the navigation and other sensors and sub-systems package of the vessel.


Monolithic Block RLG / INS RLG / INS with GPS Embedded

The MNC is the “core” of the navigation system that collects data from all navigation sensors, calculating the information utilizing Astronautics’ unique algorithms, and distributes the optimal navigation data to the vessel’s users.

The MNC is modular and features unique distributed architecture based on an Open Architecture (OA) concept that enables modularity, flexibility, scalability and affordability.


                                                  Navigation System – Open Architecture

The CDU provides data entry, control and display for the MNC and INS.


The C-MAN fulfills the need for a high end capabilities navigation system, with high accuracies. Additionally, it encompasses a compact, lightweight, low-cost integrated system for a multitude of types of maritime navigation applications.
The C-MAN has flexibility and modularity based on Enterprise Navigation System (ENS) architecture from a basic single sensor for small vessels, to a high-end extended full redundant system.
The ancillary equipment supporting the C-MAN is mature and proven equipment, carefully selected following actual successful service in the maritime environment.
The C-MAN is especially suited for new or retrofitted programs due to its high accuracies, easy installation and maintenance with modern and state of the art interfaces for a variety of sensors and users.

Computerized Maritime Navigation (C-MAN)