Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS)

Integrated Bridge System provides to the bridge officer the capability to manage efficiently the operational tasks. Moreover, the system provides all the needed information with more quality and focusing. The system selects the relevant information to the operational situation, and processes and analyzes it. The result is displayed and enables optimal decision making for the challenged operational situation.
Astronautics is engaged in producing Naval Systems using its Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) for vessels, which are based on Astronautics: Computerized – Maritime advanced Navigation systems (C-MAN) and Astronautics Multifunction Operator Console (MOC).
Astronautics IBS provides unique features that are based on the following principles:

  • Multifunction operator console
  • Uniform display and operation
  • Open architecture design
  • Connectivity over IP
  • High system availability
  • Operating all bridge functions from one console (Minimal consoles)

Astronautics brings to IBS vast experience and knowledge regarding system integration and sensors, while the enterprise navigation system (C-MAN) and the Multifunction Operator Console (MOC), which are critical building blocks, are part of the Astronautics’ products line.
The Enterprise Navigation System integrates the navigation sensors, like Doppler-Log, GPS, EM-Log and other, to the central navigation system. This architecture provides reliable and precise navigation data based on a unique algorithm. It receives the sensors data and processing them for getting uncluttered and more accurate data with sensors data redundancy.
The MOCs enable the operator to command and control various systems (i.e. AIS, VDR, Autopilot, Radars and other) via IP network which provides flexibility for access to each system at any location on the integrated bridge.

Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS)
The IBS by MOC provides the following capabilities:
  • Navigation Data, W/ECDIS, Conning, Mission Route Planning including automatic navigation assistance (operational and the course's plotting), Radar repeater, RADAR Tracking and Autopilot functionality
  • Control and Monitoring, the Enterprise Navigation System (C-MAN) and display all the data navigation information
  • AIS Targets displayed On-Screen including vessel info, position and course tracking
  • Managing and display Alarms and performing Voyage Data Recording (VDR)
  • The system modularity and scalability enables affordable and seamless integration of other sensors.