Multi Function Console (MFC)

The MFC is in operational use by the Israeli Navy operating and controlling all the combat and navigation systems on board of the vessels.

The main features of Astronautics' MFC are:

  • High processing power and powerful graphics
  • Interchangeable upper LCD display modules
    • Single 20" display
    • Dual 20" displays module
    • Excellent ergonomic structures
    • Harsh environment conditions
    • Easy to maintain

Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend of using combat system architecture based on combat system management (CMS). The MFC architecture is derived from the CMS concept and comprises the following features:

  • Forms the core that can run the operating application of the combat system
  • Based on standard HW and on SW layers architecture
  • Provides a pool of work stations permitting dynamic allocation
  • Creates high availability and denies point of failure, resulting in high system redundancy 
The Open Architecture:
The MOC is implemented through multi level layers as can be seen in the diagram above.